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Proud to Offer React Health's Newest CPAP and Auto-CPAP Devices - Luna G3

Midland Medical Supply is excited to announce the arrival of the all-new Luna G3 CPAP and Auto-CPAP devices by React Health. With their sleek design, intuitive interface, and patient-forward features, the Luna G3 devices are a welcome addition to our line of medical supplies.

The Luna G3 CPAP and Auto-CPAP devices come with all the features you need to ensure optimal patient compliance and comfort. The standard integrated cellular modem makes capturing patient compliance data a breeze. This feature allows you to monitor patient usage remotely and make adjustments to therapy as needed.

In addition, the Luna G3 devices come with patient-forward features that are designed to make therapy more comfortable and convenient for your patients. These features include an integrated heated tubing system that keeps the air warm and humidified, a pre-heat humidifier function, and an auto-ramp feature that gradually increases air pressure to reduce discomfort at the beginning of therapy. The Luna G3 devices also come with a bedside clock and resupply reminders, which makes it easier for patients to stay on top of their therapy needs.

The Luna G3 CPAP and Auto-CPAP devices come in a smaller footprint compared to other models in the market. They are equipped with an easy-to-read full-color screen and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate the device's settings and features.

The Luna G3 is available in different models to fit your specific needs. The Luna G3 CPAP device is available in two models: the Luna G3 CPAP Device - HT-LG3500W and the Luna G3 CPAP Device with Cellular Modem - HT-LG3500. The Luna G3 Auto-CPAP device is also available in three models: Luna G3 APAP Device- HT-LG3600W, Luna G3 APAP Device with WIFI Module- HT-LG36001, and Luna G3 APAP Device with Cellular Modem- HT-LG3600.

Each Luna G3 CPAP and Auto-CPAP device comes with a package that includes a CPAP or APAP device, two reusable filters, a water chamber, an AC/DC power cord, standard heated tubing, an SD card, and a carry bag.

In conclusion, the Luna G3 CPAP and Auto-CPAP devices by React Health are a game-changer for patients who suffer from sleep apnea. With their advanced features, patient-forward design, and intuitive interface, these devices make therapy more comfortable, convenient, and effective. Midland Medical Supply is proud to offer the Luna G3 devices and we believe they will make a positive impact on the lives of many patients.

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