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  • Designed to meet the requirements of applicable HCPCS codes
  • Bed Height: Min. 15", Max. 24" (at deck level) 
  • No external pinch points
  • Slots in frame to ensure proper rail placement 
  • Locking pins secure bed ends to sleep deck
  • Attached lanyards prevent loss while moving or storing
  • 4-inch extension kit that can extend either the head, foot, or both head and foot decking. Bed length will be 84" with one kit, 88" with 2kits
  • Gravity-Down Safety: The motors push the head and knee grid decks up, but do not pull the knee and head down. As the motor plunger retracts, the head and knee lower freely, minimizing bed damage and/or personal injury from items caught under the grid deck
  • Grid Deck:
    • Much stronger frame
    • Better mattress support
    • No spring sag or bottoming out with heavier patients
    • Easier to clean
    • No connecting links or springs to lose

Semi-electric Hospital Bed

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