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  • This hospital bed features powerful DC motor for effortless height adjustment 
  • Hi-Lo motor comes pre-installed on foot section for easy set-up and disassembly 
  • All functions fully-integrated into convenient handheld penant 
  • Welded motor-guard protects the motor and universal joint from damage during shipment and deliveries 
  • Weighs only 178 pounds (bed and motor)
  • Maximum patient weight 350 lbs
  • 450 lb evenly distributed total weight capacity including patient, mattress, rails, and accessories 
  • 4-inch extension kit that can extend either the head, foot, or both head and foot decking. Bed length will be 84" with one kit, 88" with 2 kits
  • Height Adjustment: 
    • Casters in Low Position: Min. 9.5", Max. 20" (at deck level)
    • Casters in Standard Position: Min. 13", Max. 23.5" (at deck level)
  • Gravity-Down Safety: The motors push the head and knee grid decks up, but do not pull the knee and head down. As the motor plunger retracts, the head and knee lower freely, minimizing bed damage and/or personal injury from items caught under the grid deck

Full-electric Hospital Bed

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